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All About Coffee

How Much Coffee Do We Drink?

We all know that a lot of coffee is consumed worldwide. Almost everyone can recognise the logos of the huge multinational coffee shop corporations. But were you actually aware of some of the insane facts and figures? Well, let’s take a look, starting with how much coffee is consumed every day.


Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day. To put that into perspective, it’s the equivalent of almost one in three of all humans on the planet having one cup a day. That’s an almost incomprehensibly large number. It’s lucky that countries like Brazil are able to produce tonnes of coffee every day to meet this demand, or no doubt the price of your morning cup of coffee would sky-rocket. Of those 2.25 billion, a staggering 587 million cups are consumed within the US alone, with the average American office getting through three cups per employee per day.


Interestingly, the vast majority of coffee consumed today is produced by developing countries, but consumed mainly in Europe and North America, although consumption is rising in the developing world (most noticeably in Brazil). There are currently over 100 million daily coffee drinkers in the US, and 58% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day.


Of those American drinkers, around a third go for speciality espresso-based drinks such as cappuccino, mocha or cafe latte, for example. Unsurprisingly, most people in the US, almost two-thirds, drink their coffee at breakfast, giving themselves that boost they need to get started for the day.


Consumption in the five leading importing countries (France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United States) is also on the increase, so things are looking good for the coffee trade worldwide. It is certainly highly unlikely that the demand for good quality coffee with drop off any time soon.


Although the US is still the world’s largest importer and consumer of coffee, many experts predict that Brazil will displace them as the single largest coffee consuming market in the world within the next few years.


In 2017, the total worldwide production of coffee amounted to 159,663,000 60Kg bags, which gives a grand total of almost 10 million tonnes. A large chunk of that comes from South America, unsurprisingly, as the region is propped up by the vast output of both Brazil and Colombia.


Although the US consumes the largest amount of coffee in the world, when you start to look at the per capita consumption, things start to look a little different. The per capita consumption of coffee is dominated by The Netherlands,  with a whopping 260 litres of coffee per person, per year. They are a long way ahead of the next competitor, Finland, which stands at 185 litres, and the US chimes in much further down the table at only 115.


Indeed, when you start to look at the coffee consumption per capita figures, it is interesting to note two key points. One is that five of the top six consumers are in Europe, and two is that Canada actually drinks more coffee than the US per capita.


Alternatively, you can look at the amount of raw beans, in kilograms, consumed per capita. This way, Finland comes out on top with 12kg consumed per person per year. When you use these figures, five of the top six consumers are the Scandinavian countries, with The Netherlands creeping in at fifth place, consuming 8.4kg of coffee beans per person per year.


The International Coffee Association (ICA) is predicting coffee consumption to surge 25% over the next five years so production will need to be stepped up to meet this growth in demand. Despite this, there were some issues last year, with global coffee production by 5.7 million bags because of the Brazilian drought, bad weather and a Central American plant fungus, which dented output. If coffee continues to be marketed as fashionable and trendy in the modern age, then there should be little doubt that this prediction will prove to be correct.


All in all, we definitely consume a lot of coffee all around the globe! In fact, coffee outdoes even Coca-Cola by some margin as only 1.7 billion Coke servings are consumed daily, compared to 2.25 billion for coffee. Despite this, there is still room for a lot more growth in coffee consumption in many African and Central Asian regions.


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